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Carrie McCusker

In white, canvas Nikes at age 9, I ran my first road race. It was a four-mile loop and my dad ran too, but he was up ahead. I remember that while it felt long and not that easy, the strong sense of accomplishment at the finish dominated my experience. In the decades since I’ve run for just about every purpose: training to be a competitive Nordic skier, running high school cross-country, and eventually road and trail races at just about every distance, from 5K to 50K.

I ran with some local teams, made friends with similar inclinations and expanded into multisport including long course SwimRun and Ironman triathlon. I run because I love it. I know there are perks like health benefits and social opportunities, but it also fuels some internal furnace that makes me who I am. Some days I poke along and other days I feel like flying, but at the end of it all, I still get that pulse of accomplishment and satisfaction much like my 9-year-old self.

As a TrainingPeaks, USAT certified coach I try to bring that love and direction to my athlete roster. Working one on one with runners, skiers and triathletes I build plans and serve as a guide. It’s my intention not only to help people reach their specific race goals, but to find a sweet spot where they can feel athletic personal accomplishment and satisfaction within the framework of their own busy lives.