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Alli Felsenthal

Coach Alli, Founder of RUNWITHALLI™ , LLC Coaching, is an expert in helping runners enjoy running distances of all sorts injury-free. Alli takes ownership of training her athletes on how to perfect their running form and running mechanics.

Alli believes that being a Coach means being a part of an athlete’s journey, keeping open lines of communication with every athlete that a coaching relationship entails. She works with runners of all backgrounds and ages that have different fitness goals and needs. Alli is keen on tailoring personalizing programming to each athlete’s individualized needs to help them achieve their running personal bests. Suppose you want to learn how to run a mile, learn how to run for stress relief, learn how to run for weight loss, or learn how to run correctly to prevent injuries. In that case, Alli will work with you closely to help you get to where you want to be while keeping the training process progressive and fun!

If you want to run with better running form, run farther and faster injury-free, and create a personalized
training program, Coach Alli can help you!

She is an expert in run coaching, a competitive distance runner, and a natural leader, and her accomplishments include:

• 8x Marathoner with a PB of 03:02:48, Founder & CEO, of RUNWITHALLI™ , LLC Run Coaching, Masters in Economics, Graduate of Ithaca College, UESCA Certified Running Coach, NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Performance Exercise Specialist, Precise Nutrition Coach, TRX Certified Trainer,
NASM Behavior Change Specialist.
Awards, Titles, and Designations:
• Boston Qualifier 5x
• 5K x 4 – 19:06 minutes
• 10K x 1 – 40:27 minutes
• Half Marathon x 8 – 01 hour 38 minutes to a 01 hour 25 minutes
• Marathon x 8 3 hours 45 minutes 53 seconds to a 03 hour 02 minutes 48 seconds
• Ultra Marathon 3x Finisher

Other Info:
• Have customers she coaches virtually throughout the USA in over eight states.
• Swam competitively in high school, Had a career change at age 27 after being in Corporate America
working in digital ad tech for six years before switching to a full-time fitness pro and running coach.
• She lived in her tiny studio Brooklyn, NY apartment for the entire pandemic. During this time, Alliturned her 100% in-person business to 100% remote coaching. She created a workspace to film her
content in her newly DIY-made gym, office, and bedroom.

When you want to enjoy running distances of all sorts injury-free, you need someone you can count on to run
coaching and competitive distance running.

Alli will help you run with better running form, run farther and run faster injury-free!

Follow Alli on Instagram: @runwithalli
Learn more about the RUNWITHALLI™ , LLC coaching services: www.runwithalli.com
For coaching, email Coach Alli: [email protected]