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Elizabeth Lara

My name is Elizabeth Lara. I am the Ornery Mule Racing Trail Team captain. I am an ordinary person who has the pleasure of celebrating the extraordinary accomplishments of my teammates! I am forever thankful for the opportunity to build camaraderie by increasing kindness and celebrating the individual runner and his or her uniqueness. We all have something to celebrate!

While I’ve run off and on most of my adult life, it wasn’t until 2020 I took to the trails. I struggle with debilitating rheumatoid arthritis and trails are more forgiving! I recently celebrated my one year “ultra-versary” on May 1! I have been fortunate to run: Sugar Badger 50k, Schuetzen Nein (earning the coveted spanker), Hennepin 100, Javelina Jundred Jackass night run, and Bandera 100k.

Active squirrel on the 2022 Squirrels Nut Butter Adventure Team.

Up next: Kettle Moraine 100k

Photo credit: Jenny Thorsen