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Joseph Christophe

Joe Christophe

Coached endurance running with CES for over 15 years. Trained as a first responder and health science major. Subject matter expert in endurance group run training focusing on running specific strength, flexibility, running form, nutrition and hydration, mental preparedness and proper running gear.

Favorite thing about being a fitness coach:

Love the science behind training the human body, designing workouts that produce results, sharing best practices about health and wellness, working with like minded humans who share similar goals and live the lifestyle, continuous opportunity to learn new training methodologies, training, guiding and inspiring others to be their best. Inspiring athletes to reach race goals and life goals. Being a part of the running community / culture and the life long friendships that have been formed.

Notable accomplishments:

Accomplished runner with 30+ marathon finishes, member of CES run pace teams, compete in team run relay events, triathlete, 2X half Ironman, mountaineer (5 summits), completed 5 century rides, charity runner, Gatorade performance athlete and yogi.

Favorite quote

“The greatest wealth is health” -Virgil

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