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Going the Extra Mile – Meet Our Founder

Our founder Lucas Hathaway doesn’t just talk the talk. He’s an elite runner with a whole wall of race medals to prove it. He’s put in the hours pounding pavement, working his way up from a casual cross-country runner in high school to a dedicated ultra-marathoner. He’s finished three 50 milers and a 100 miler, with more to add to the list shortly. To top it off, Lucas plans to complete his last of the six World Marathon Majors series in Tokyo next month.

A driven entrepreneur, Lucas has a brain built for ingenuity and innovation. Runur started with just a seed of an idea, built on a powerful personal mission to create comfortable running gear that could go the distance. Over the past two years, it’s come to life and helped build a running community in the process. If you already own Runur gear, you know there’s no turning back: Once a Runur, always a Runur.

What our story is:
Lucas ran cross country in high school and always liked the act of running. But Lucas can trace the start of Runur directly back to the home stretch of his first New York City marathon in 2017 — the last 10K to be exact. He was actually crying while running; it marks the moment he finally connected emotionally with running.

The community became real to him in those moments. His love for running is forever etched now. The course takes you through all five boroughs, with the cheers of three million spectators. You have that experience of being absolutely wrecked physically and everything hurts. But at the end, when you get to Central Park, turn the corner, and hear the roar of the finish line and feel the pull toward it, there’s just nothing like it. It becomes less about finishing that race, and more about the start of a new love. Since that day, he has logged an additional ten thousand miles and still comes back to that moment — it was a special one because it was the first of many moments that enforced his love of the running community.

 From a practical standpoint, he just couldn’t find the gear he needed to succeed. He has a background building companies, so it became a challenge for him. He went on a year-long prototype journey to create the best pair of running shorts he possibly could create. Every product we try to produce must be founded in a practical, utilitarian approach — this product really does solve a need. We don’t want to just be a fashion brand, with apparel that doesn’t hold up on long runs.
Everything we produce, we have personally tested. We want to build products that work for the race you’re doing. It was such a fun group effort to build the brand with my family and friends. The ethos was built via community, and we want to continue that ideal.