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Run better. Feel better. Live better

Tread Labs makes insoles that are fundamentally different from all other insoles. We offer a level of support strong enough to change your running experience, and a fit that guarantees comfort.

Whether you run casually, competitively, or somewhere in-between, the common thread is that you run because of the way it makes you feel. You run because it enhances your life.

And wherever you are on the spectrum of fun-runs to ultra-marathons, having strong foot support is the key to comfort, efficiency, and injury prevention.

Running shoes offer variations in stack height, foam density, length, width and upper material. Some are more durable; some are lighter weight. The variable they don’t offer is a way to customize the fit for the most important part of your foot, the sole. Because feet vary so much in arch height and shape, running shoe manufacturers always build to the lowest common denominator, a foot with a minimal arch.

Fitting the bottom of your foot is what we do. Our integrated system offers a precise fit and appropriate levels of support for petite, forefoot strikers as well as massive, heel-striking trail monsters. Our 2-part system and Million Mile guarantee ensure high value and the security of a long-distance relationship.

Next time you’re enjoying the special feeling of freedom that comes with a good stride, imagine your feet with complete, 3D support. When you have a sense for how that might feel, get a pair of Tread Labs insoles that is perfect for your feet and the way you run. Toss the generic insoles that came with your running shoes. They were not built for you. With robust arch support you’ll experience running in a whole new way.

Run better. Feel better. Live better.