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GO Sleeves partner and “Trail Blader” Zach Friedley to speak about the film at the event.

San Jose, CA (June 1, 2022) – GO Sleeves, the company that introduced the world’s first and only kinesiology sleeve — a compression sleeve with built-in kinesiology strips, announced today that sponsored partner Zachary Friedley will speak at Run Show USA – Chicago: June 4-5, about about the story behind the film and his mission to raise awareness and opportunities for adaptive athletes.

Born to Adapt GOSleeves.com/BorntoAdapt, premiering June 4, 2022, is an amazing story about humanity and vulnerability. It reveals the common ground found between hardcore ultra-runners and adaptive amateurs – as they discover they are more-than-capable athletes.

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Zachary Friedley was born missing his right leg above the knee and several fingers on his right hand. Using a prosthetic leg, he grew up playing baseball and even wrestling for his high school team. He struggled to find adaptive athletes to act as role models in the 80s and 90s, but his family didn’t use the word “disabled” in their home. Today, he works to inspire people of all abilities while advocating for adaptive athletes, welcoming them into outdoor sports to enjoy public lands and parks to their fullest.

“Being a part of the GO Sleeves mission to keep every body moving speaks to me”, says Friedley. “I’m excited to partner with GO Sleeves to help adaptive athletes get more awareness and support for trail running events.”

GO Sleeves, the company that introduced the world’s first and only compression sleeves with built-in kinesiology strips, supports Zachary to help adaptive athletes get more awareness and support for trail events. GO Sleeves has committed to supporting Born to Adapt events through volunteering and by committing $1 from every order at GOSleeves.com to sponsor athletes to participate in Born to Adapt events.

Zachary uses GO Sleeves to fight fatigue, allowing him to run longer and recover faster. Unlike other compression products on the market, GO Sleeves products incorporate the same kinesiology taping technology used by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists to support key joints, ligaments, and tendons. The built-in silicone strips trigger the body’s natural pain reduction capabilities while increasing recuperating blood flow and lymphatic drainage.


Founded in 2019 by two fitness-minded entrepreneurs, GO Sleeves is a health & fitness brand reimagining the way athletes train, recover, and reduce their vulnerability to injury. By bringing the proven benefits of kinesiology technology to muscle-targeting compression sleeves and other products, GO Sleeves makes staying active and achieving peak performance possible without expensive ongoing treatments.

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