1–2 Mar 2025 249 days to go! #BostonRunShow

Adam Fleisher

My running journey is like no other. I am a disabled athlete who started running in 2014 (both knees replaced and revised). I am battling 3 known autoimmune diseases (Crohn’s being the worst), vertigo, IBD, joint issues, and Barrett’s esophagus. When others have told me I can not run, I like to show them I can. Medically I should not be doing what I am capable of. Its in incredible feeling being out on the road or trail.

My kid got me into running. We participated in a kids running group and 5K together. After this I was hooked (I got involved with a group who helps disabled athletes…Achilles International). My kid predicted my progression from a 5K, 10K, half, full, and ultras. We ran everything from a 5K to half marathons.

Since then, I have participated in over 150 races (finishing every one) from a 5K to ultras (50K, 50 miles, 100K and 100 miles). Most of the time I am the only disabled athlete in the race. I hold the honor of being the first, and in most cases the only, disabled athlete to compete in a race (Loon Mountain, Mount Greylock, Jack Bristol Ultra, Silver Moon Ultra, Chesterfield Gorge Ultra). There have been races where I could run an ultra and others where I had to walk 50 miles.

I have been actively involved in my running club’s Fit to 5K program since 2015 (I help coach new and experienced runners getting back into our sport). I run with, and help train, experienced athletes (pace to meet and exceed their goals). I have run 34 half marathons in a year to raise funds and awareness of disabled athletes. Another year I ran 5,228 miles. I try to motive and inspire others to be active and live a healthy lifestyle.

In 2020 I took on my greatest challenge. I trained for and ran my first 100 mile ultra. Being a disabled athlete with a variety of medical issues, there is no training, nutrition, and hydration program(s) for me. I had to research and plan everything. Along the way I started a running movement to inspire others. I kept this movement going into 2021. This is #RunWithAdam showing people that we can motivate and inspire each other to remain, or become, active during COVID.

Along with all of this I am an ambassador for other companies and products. I am a legacy ambassador for Nuun, a third-year ambassador for Orange Mud, and a third-year ambassador for BibRave (BibRave Pro). I have been an ambassador for the Hartford Marathon Foundation and Chronically Badass.

I belong to many different running groups. Some of these are Achilles International Connecticut Chapter, Glastonbury River Runners, Connecticut Trail Mixers, Team HMF, 169 Pride Runners, and Run 169 Towns Society.

What I love about running, and the running community, is that we give back to our sport. We compete against ourself while helping out each other.