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Alfredo Longo

(Buffalo, NY) I have been running since 2010 when I wanted to complete a marathon before the age of 35. Since then, over a decade has passed and I have gone from the first 4:20 marathon to running 23 marathons with a PB of 3:01 in 2021. Running is competition for me. I run because I want to see how far I can press myself and in the meantime, have become a integral part of the local running community as the Race Director of the Veterans Race, owner of Destination Races and the Start/Finish Operations Lead for the Buffalo Marathon.

Destination Races takes local runners on running events across the nation to help them see the world, one step at a time but never running alone. My mantra is “Earned. Never Given.” because you have to earn everything, nothing is granted to you. Also, It’s Just Running because remember that running is natural, don’t overthink it. Feel it, don’t Fear it.