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Alia Qatarneh

Alia is a first-generation, East Boston-raised, Arab-Italian-American. She is an educator, rhymer, runner, learner, leader, and scientist. Her mission is to disrupt from within; whether that’s disrupting the dominant cultures of running or of science and education. She joined the leadership team of TrailblazHERs Run Co. in June of 2022. As a LeadHER, she supports the scale and impact of the TrailblazHERs’ mission. Foundational to this is her passion and knack for building community. She has inspired many by offering guidance, support, and encouraging excellence not only for the run crew but for the work in which members of TrailblazHERs are engaged in as agents for social change. She completed her first marathon, the Boston Marathon, in 2023, yet her most transformative race experience was running the 26.TRUE Marathon in 2024. Alia is a second-year doctoral student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Alia Qatarneh