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Caitlyn Keller

I am a Disabled Mother of two children and a Dog Mom, born in Indiana and raised from a young age in New England I struggled with many changes, Mental Health. I was very involved in sports from toddler to Middle school, I Danced, swam and was the middle field soccer “long legged Lefty”! High school became a new challenge for me which lead me to unhealthy choices and my only option left was to join cross country or not finish my school years.

I fell in love! Instead of being chased by problems I was chasing my natural runner’s high. I continued on to run after high school, participating in OCR’s like Spartan and Rugged Manic. 2018, I was injured and left nearly paralyzed by 2019. Today I live with Degenerative Disc Disease after having had a discectomy surgery. Fast forward to 2022, I am training with my friend #runwithadam, Achilles’s international running group from chapter – Connecticut. Recovery is possible from all walks of life! I am living proof! I am heating up for several 10k’s,( two half marathons, one marathon in October, a 100 mile Rocky Racoon- in February 2023).

Living with my disabilities, I have no set regime that I set, I take things day by day but know as I push just a little while I get further to a lifetime goal of mine, sponsored running internationally!