1–2 Mar 2025 223 days to go! #BostonRunShow Tickets

Christina Couper

Originally from outside of Boston, I grew up and still am an avid equestrian in the show jumping world, so not quite the middle school track kid many assume. I started my running journey in 2019 as an outlet with a goal to run a 5k without walking. Flash forward to today, I’ve completed 32 marathon (or longer) distances! I am passionate about exploring new places by foot through running and racing while meeting people in these communities. My goal is to encourage everyone to try something they never thought they could do and really push past the limits we often impose upon ourselves or that society sets as “normal”. My most appreciated aspect to running is that it never seems to get easier and the challenges will always come in some form or another so we choose how to accept and handle them. I enjoy finding unique challenges to tap into, such as a treadmill marathon , solo 50k on a track, or a month of a half marathon a day – its all about the journey!