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Dena Lewis

Founder and CEO of Running Mate

Dena Lewis is the passionate force behind Running Mate, an innovative app
revolutionizing runner safety. After enduring two assaults while running, she embarked
on a mission to create a safer environment for all runners. Through Running Mate, Dena
offers a reliable platform where runners and mates undergo thorough background
checks, ensuring peace of mind for all involved. Think of Running Mate as the Uber for
runners, providing a ground breaking solution to enjoy runs without fear.
Dena’s journey is fuelled by her profound passion for running and unwavering dedication
to her family. As a mother and a long-time advocate for female runner safety, her goal
with Running Mate is to raise awareness of this crucial issue and to keep runners safe.
With over two decades of experience as a runner, including participation in numerous
ultras, marathons, triathlons, and shorter races, Dena brings a wealth of first hand
knowledge to Running Mate. Her extensive background in corporate America and
entrepreneurial spirit as a three-time founder uniquely position her to lead this

Before founding Running Mate, Dena used her degree in Business Administration from
Florida State University to forge a successful career in Medical Device Sales and
Management, holding various leadership roles over15 years. Despite her demanding
professional pursuits, Dena remains deeply connected to her roots in retail, having
owned three businesses throughout her career.
Based in Florida, Dena and the Running Mate team thrive in an environment conducive
to year-round running adventures. Their dedication to empowering runners and
promoting safety resonates with athletes worldwide, making Running Mate a
transformative force in the running community.