1–2 Mar 2025 249 days to go! #BostonRunShow

Jonathan Rice

I have been involved in competitive endurance sports for over 30 years with over 20 years as a plant-based athlete.

Before falling in love with running I was an avid cyclist. I competed in my first bicycle race at the age of eleven. I went on to become a high ranking, expert level junior mountain bike racer in the northeast region. I relocated to beautiful Arizona in the early 2000s where I trained and rode 300 to 500 miles a week on road and trails.

I later moved back to New England where I discovered a passion for mountain running and triathlon. In 2013 I unlocked the hidden potential of combining a raw fruit-based diet with training in the mountains of New England. That year I ranked 7th overall in the New England Mountain Running Circuit among US national champions and world mountain running competitors.

Today my passion for endurance sports lives on. You can typically find me running or biking on the back roads or trails in New England or while on vacation in Arizona. My trail running adventures have taken me me from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the summit of Mount Washington.

As an online vegan endurance coach, I help other plant-based or aspiring plant-based runners and cyclists achieve there fitness goals. I’m also a licensed massage therapist and work with everyone from weekend warriors to elite level Ironman triathletes, at my massage studio in Sudbury, MA.