1–2 Mar 2025 222 days to go! #BostonRunShow Tickets

Judy Proteau

My running is completely relatable to most folks. As I approached 40 I realized that I shouldn’t be eating pizza three nights a week and expect to look svelte in a business suit. At the time, exercise was powerwalking to the mailbox. After I started jogging a bit around the neighborhood I was able to summon the nerve to join a local running club. I learned so much: replacing running shoes is important, mental strength training is indispensable and having company on long runs is vital. There is really nothing special about me- I’m a middle of the pack runner but I have the passion and love to share tips and tricks to make running easier.

With my running friends I’ve completed hard track miles, hilly half marathons, trail runs through swamps and sweaty marathons. I was fortunate most recently to have the most amazing crew and pacers who helped me complete my first 100 mile race- during 2020! Also during the pandemic I was a race director for two virtual races and we were able to raise over $3000 for the local food pantry.

I’m so looking forward to seeing fellow runners at The Run Show USA, Boston. I can’t wait to see the latest gear, learn about fueling and geek out when I meet famous athletes.