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Linda Calabria

My name is Linda and I have NOT been a life long runner. In fact, I recall a day in freshman year high school gym class where my friend and I walked a mile and were proud of our 20:20 time, our gym teacher was obviously appalled.

It wasn’t until after my undergrad years wrapped up that I truly got into running, and I honestly have no idea why.

Slowly I did one 5k after another and eventually signed up for a half marathon. It being my first big race I totally overtrained and hurt myself. I ended up needing PT and it wasn’t until a deep tissue sports massage from a friend that I was up and running again just in time for my race. Between that time and getting married and having two babies I ran 7 half marathons, several 10K’s, two Falmouth Road races, countless 5K’s, and have proudly checked 13 states off my “run in” list to date.

I overtrained again on the last half and have taken it easy since with shorter races and recently completed a year of 5k’s, a 5k a month for 12 months.

I love running, even if it’s just a fast mile. I now know I cannot run every day, I have to switch in other things. I love the solitude, I love the post run high, and I love the feeling of accomplishment as you round the corner to your house.

Here’s to the slow mile, the long miles, and the days where you think you can’t but you do and end up surprising yourself.