1–2 Mar 2025 258 days to go! #BostonRunShow

Nicole Armbrust

Nicole is a performance physical therapist and running specialist who left the “traditional” model of clinical physical therapy ten years ago.  Instead of waiting to have injured runners come to her,  she started her own company, Jumpstartrunning, to help runners optimize their bodies and teach them to mitigate injury.  She is 49 years old and recently experienced the “joy” of perimenopause/menopause and wants to help other female athletes prepare and thrive during this transition. She and the majority of her clients are masters athletes who recognize that running strategies from our twenties no longer serve us and a “jumpstart” is in order to enhance our running for performance and longevity.

Nicole has been a runner and a physical therapist for the past twenty four years. She completed the Boston Marathon sixteen times, along with forty-something marathons and an Ironman. She has not had an injury in almost twenty years and wants the same for ALL runners. She knows that runners love to run – not rehab. Her mission is to keep runners healthy, happy and strong so they can enjoy a lifetime of running.

Nicole currently resides in Massachusetts, but has virtual clients across the country using a hybrid model of coaching, consulting and courses. She is currently training for her seventeenth Boston Marathon – fifth in a row – and has been chosen to run with the 2024 Boston Athletic Association Gives Back Marathon Team.