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Russel Hoyt

YES YOU CAN is the message of Team Hoyt.  Dick and Rick Hoyt completed over 1,100 athletic events together including running the Boston Marathon 32 times.  Hear their story from Russ Hoyt the President & CEO of Team Hoyt & The Hoyt Foundation.  Russ is the youngest son of Dick and Judy Hoyt and the younger brother of Rick and Rob Hoyt.  The passion for supporting inclusion started before Russ even realized what he was doing.

Russ’s oldest brother Rick experienced difficulties at birth which caused brain damage leading to cerebral palsy.  Rick could not walk, talk dress or feed himself.  At age six Russ developed the “spell method” which allowed Rick to have a voice and start making his needs known in his own words.  With his own voice Rick asked to do many difficult things, his family’s answer was always YES YOU CAN.

Russ has been a part of Team Hoyt since his father and brother completed their first race in 1977 right up to their last Boston Marathon together in 2014.  Most importantly Russ Hoyt believes everyone can do hard things.  If you ask yourself, can I do this, he will tell you the answer is – YES YOU CAN!