1–2 Mar 2025 277 days to go! #BostonRunShow

Samuel Hartman

I started TINAR Race Series in the middle of the pandemic with one goal: to get people outside and create incredible experiences. My first race had 6 people following a GPX file in the woods, in 2020. The following year we hosted a trail marathon with 80 people at a local park, and now we are on track to have over 200 runners between two events for the fall of 2022. I love doing my events in my home state of Ohio where trail running is both growing, but still an under-appreciated sport.

I didn’t grow up running, or playing sports at all. After crewing my friend at his first 50 mile ultra many years ago, I was hooked, and immediately signed up for my first 50k race without having ever run more than 10 miles. I’ve still, to this day, never run a road marathon, but I have completed 50k through 100 mile distances all around the country.

I want to expose others to the power of trail running. My ultimate goal is to make trail running an Olympic sport.