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Tony Reed

Anthony (Tony) Reed, CPA, PMP is the CEO of the Caribbean Endurance Sports Corporation, Executive Director of the National Black Marathoners Association, Dallas Marathon board member, and producer/director of the documentary entitled “Breaking Three Hours: Trailblazing African American Women Marathoners.” This certified distance running coach, 132-time marathon finisher, and marathon world history maker was inducted into the National Black Distance Running Hall of Fame.


In 2007, he became the first black male in the world to run marathons on all seven continents, including Antarctica. In 2013, he became one of about fifty people in the world, who completed the marathon “hat trick” when he finished over (1) 100 marathons, including a marathon (2) on all seven continents, and (3) in all 50 States. He’s also completed over fifty marathons in one State, Texas.


As a former 500 Fortune 500 executive, he implemented multi-million dollar, international technology projects. The business, IT, travel, and sports publications which have featured/quoted him include the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, PMI Today, Dallas Morning News, Runner’s World, USA Today, Ebony, Southern Living, and the Journal of Accountancy. His latest autobiographical book is From the Road Race to the Rat Race: Essays from a Black Executive Marathoner (2020). He was also featured in the book, Yes! I’m Fed Up. Now What? 4 Self-Driven Steps to MOVE Your Well-Being and Work Forward by Bridgette L. Collins.


He holds two graduate degrees (management and accounting) and two undergraduate degrees (management and mathematics), as well as holding professional certifications in accounting (CPA), project management (PMP), and supply chain management. He’s taught project management, IT, accounting, and business collegiate courses and seminars. And he’s authored six books and over fifty articles about running, business, leadership, and technical in publications ranging from Runner’s World to ComputerWorld.